Where have I been for 2 years?

Hi guys!

Today I received a comment on a old post about my wild rose detox journey. It reminded me how I loved to share information about everything. So here I am again, giving it another shot.

If you didn't know I moved my blog into Facebook for the sole purpose to write about food and then I moved to Instagram because I became too lazy to write long passages. There I realized that it restricts me to write only about food.. How about my other opinions? So I made a another Instagram account for my other interests, antiques. Still I feel restricted, so here I am again. 

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Current update:
The past two years I've come to learn more about cooking. I enjoy this because I'm a control freak and I have a person cheering me on. From there I have improved immensely! I invested in a creuset dutch oven and realize the 6.4 L is way too big! (Can you imagine Staub has one double the size? Will the wire rack in oven hold it up?) I would like one around 3L and I also have my eye on the .9L as well. 
0.9L? Seems useless doesn't it? But actually it's very useful.. It's like assistant! My home has one of those countertop ovens and having a good size Dutch oven and other utensils for this little oven speed things along immensely. 

For example my mushroom sauce recipe  for steak

1.5cup? Mushroom measured THEN Sliced mushrooms
1/4 tbsp onion chopped finely 
1/4 clove minced garlic
a touch of olive oil (there will be more oil later)
Optional 1tbsp beef stock (scrape of bullion works as well)

-cover with lid and place in oven at 350

By the time you finish pan frying your steak, the mushrooms will be done. Whatever juices (butter Rosemary garlic meat juice) from the pan.. Throw that into your mushroom sauce!

Voila! You have saved time making sauce!

And now I leave you with my final picture. What to do with that last crumbs from nachos. 
1- mash up
2- add salsa and guac
3- eat like cereal

Waste nothing!

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