Table flip'n


The day started off having American Cheese steak somewhere on davie st!
what I this awsome food and beer serve to me in the morning!! it is AMAZING I don't know how to describe it to you!
my only advice is get one to share, they're big!

next was a nibble at Boat house.
It was really weird. The restaurant had weird old house smell. No matter I'm there for their view of the beach and happy hour! 

oh... was I ever wrong..
We wanted a table by the window but they said happy hour customers are welcome to the bar seating (while there was almost no one in the restaurant)

Anyways.. they realize their own blunder and gave us a seat near a window.
Our table was okay until I realize there was a lot of dropped food under the table..
the oysters had lots of sand..
I had as you can see grilled shrimp and one of them was raw. Our server took it away and gave me a supposedly another one. 
when it arrive it was the same one I had cut open thrown back on the grill...

to make one very happy customer is to throw a new shrimp on the grill not the same one that is now over cooked an burnt.

worst of all even though the server was apologetic but anyone can see she doesn't care, nor does management when they have the restaurant in the state it is.

Needless to say I am not going back.

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