adventure time II

today was a rough start, getting out of bed mainly lol. we first dropped by cruise ship area I think... can't remember 

so this picture is of Vancouver! could you tell?? it's actually really nice and quiet up there except... maybe the elevator went up to fast or smth I was kind of dizzy.

Next up was. cute little winery we pass by. I wish I wasn't so hungry I really want to learn the flavors of wine . it's hard because I have little guidance in it. it's highly suggested to go to kelowna for tours. anyways .. no wine today =P

here's today's outfit pic ^_^

cute hand painted antique furniture??
oddly there is a antique store in the middle of no where.

panago use to make this pizza and it was delish. however I never learned the name of this back then. it is called Margherita pizza, which has basil extra olive oil tomatoes and mozzarella.

this is my first time at Campagnolo Roma. I've always wanted to go to their othe slightly sketchy area location but had no balls to lol. their pizza is to die for!
I think they also said smth about local ingredients or smth as well.

aside from their hideously famous curtain. it's pretty good! 

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