Beware of Pastis

Looks good doesn't it? Great date place isn't it? romantic and everything!
we picked a highly rated restaurant figures it's got to have at the very minimum decent food.

Was I ever wrong!
I had the special that day some sort fish with clams and prawns. It wasn't very fresh. the clams were fishy and a over whelming amount of lemon juice. Worst of all was the fish is raw.

honestly service was great. My server was great! I was given a different dish all together.

the next plate (sorry no picture) was grilled halibut (I think) on mushrooms and potatoes.
this time it smelled awful. it's like every time the aroma wafted over I gagged a bit, I'm sorry it's rude but it's involuntary. I didn't want to be rude and not eat any I attempted and it was extremely fishy, very close to rancid.
I thought maybe I should eat the things around it. 
the mushrooms and potatoes was fine the fish... honestly where do they get their seafood?!

anyways.. we left disappointed. my tummy settled by the time I got home or so I thought. I have never in my life vomited voluntarily. (always needed a little help if I really needed to) I pretty much puked before I got to my own front door and several times more when I got inside.

There are restaurants that I don't like and  don't write very good reviews, but this restaurant I highly recommend you to not go. I don't understand why Bistro Pastis is rated so high.

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