Once again on a treasure hunt!


For brunch today we were at Au Petit Cafe a French/Vietnamese restaurant. (bottom right beef stew with baguette) If you want a true fusion cuisine I would go to places where another country had its roots there for some time, the war is unfortunate but the Vietnamese/French cooking is so dam good! their baguette is even more amazing.

anyways after a very delish! brunch it was off to geo caching. have you tried??
it's like treasure hunting through an app.
(bottom left picture) you are suppose to find inconspicuous boxes with log books by using GPS on the phone and hints.

sometimes it blows my mind when you look at the log, where was someone else only moments before you logged in.
inside the box is the usual log book and sometimes it has momentous which the creator wanted to share. sometimes there's contests going on, first to find gets a surprise!

What better way to end off a beautiful day then to settle in with my favorite drinks at cactus club while watching the sun set?

edited by Alex

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