Fish Shack

it was quite the eventful day today. a visit to a coffee house inside house (very cute), happy lunch hour at fish shack and  BBQ dinner!

Fish shack is where Sanafir use to be (all part of Glowbal group),
it's kind of sad sanafir is not around anymore. they had very romantic second floor with beds you could reserve an eat on! (dam it! never got my chance )

so anyways, fish shack has replaced it. the oysters there is very fresh. I wouldn't order fish and chips there again I don't find it amazing, and at their prices there are plenty of other places.
the coolest thing on the menu is some sort of seafood bowl. you get a cute little hammer and that sort. it's like a high end Crab Pot (Seattle)

all in all
their buck a shuck is great

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