I'm not sure why I haven't already blogged about this yet, I even have the picture edited ready to go to!

Initially I really liked Thierry, I loved that finally I have variety in macarons.
Here are so far what I liked
- filling is not too sweet
- delectable fresh fruit centre

After going for sometime I started to not like it too much. I'm uncertain on their desserts. When I say uncertain I mean like dessert is nice and airy and not sure if it wants to be a mouse or jello =(

I also tried out their real hot chocolate with a scoop of I forget? Raspberry or strawberry sorbet
I thought it was a pretty horrible item. I guess I didn't know what to expect as well. It is luke warm and extremely thick.

The macarons get to you after sometime. There is way to much food coloring to the point your saliva becomes fun colors. Even though in the beginning the chewy-ness was great, that's basically all they are about.
I am giving them a 68% on their macaron. It is only because there is actually far worse in Vancouver and they are definitely on the better side of the spectrum =)

The bakery itself is great! Beautiful and modern. A CD on constant repeat if you should stay for too long. The people there are fantastic! Cheerful helpful and always a smile! If it were not for that I would never go back!

Lastly I'm sure many of you have passed by it or heard mixed reviews about this place. It's worth a try !
Here are my favorites there
Blackberry macaron
?? Chocolate hazelnut taste like ferro roche macaron (shell is light brown with dark brown streaks on it)
Macaron of the day is usually interesting enough to try
Pumpkin soup with a drizzle of hazelnut is best on a crappy or cold day =)

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