Cin Cin dine out 1.20.2012

I've always wanted to go but ..,. It's pretty pricey there too! Me and Alice arrived first and the hostess sat us down at the bar to wait for our table. I was starving by this time and couldn't help but mouth wateringly stare at these pretty and extremely long bread?cracker stick in front of me. I had wondered with Alice if they were edible or for decor. I thought that maybe... they were high end substitute for peanuts at the bar =) until I saw the people next to me eating it, I knew for sure !

Commence the improper gobbling!

What I ordered (can barely remember)
Garlic soup
Pesto lamb pasta?
Panda cotta

The soup was my favorite however almost immediately after consumption I got heart burn. I can't have to much garlic and raw onions =(

The pasta came next, the lamb was cooked perfectly but for my taste ... It was heavy handed on the salt

Lastly I had the panda cotta, I know dairy items don't exactly help but by this time eating something cold and light was the perfect prescription !

My rating
Food 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Price 4/5

I had high expectations for this restaurant and perhaps because of my expectations I rated them lower then I should have.

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