The best I could do with messed up hair

It took a long time to get ready in the morning because of my hair. For those who don't know I cut it shorter.. And then the hairstylist took off an extra inch which I didn't want to do totaling at 3+inches off the bottom AND the worst part was the layers around my face. It started at my cheek bones instead of starting from my chin
Not only that when it came to combing a section of my hair he forgot to close his shears and basically shredded out a chunk of my hair >_<..
Needless to say I have short hair weird hime ish cut in the front and a chunk missing
I'm a hairdresser too and I can be understanding but the amount of mistakes is unbelievable.

On to a better note...
Today is a date with BB , I had to do his hair which sucked because he went and touched it up in his style -__-
We first dropped by Ganache. I got to try crepe fleur? I don't remember but basically cake created by layers of crepe!
I've heard about a great one in NY I think ??? I got opportunity to try this one instead... It was .... Not as I expected it to be like... I feel like there's plenty of room for improvements. I think I can make it taste better
I also had a black forrest cake which I have been craving for weeks. I basically swallowed it in a few bites like a piggy =P so no pictures of that

Next stop I drop by my favorite misc/furniture shop, "The Cross"

If I had thousands of dollars to spend I'd have them re do my room, better yet please redec my whole house too!
I picked up a small glass cake stand to put my random pocket change and random stuff on =D
BB also pick out a macaron trinket box for me ^_^ ***happiness***

I decided to drop by two places as well
Shu Uemura for fairy pink blush
Anna Sui for their table mirror

Now both items are seasonal and when I first saw them 2?3? Days ago they had only 2 or 3 left. I was hoping that by the time my will power had vanished that it would be sold out and I can give up ! =D
Behold!!! Everything I wanted was the last one >_< **watches money fly out the window**

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