Plaisir Sucre Bakery

Just my luck last Wednesday ! I manage to finally get my hands on macarons by Plaisir Sucre Bakery

Crunchy-ness 4/5
Chewy 5/5
Taste 4.5/5

I'm sure many people would have not notice them if they weren't looking for it or have knowledge that this bakery makes them.
They are a decently priced at 75¢ for a mini.

I also believe that they could be more crunchy if they were properly stored. They simply cannot go in the refrigerated glass display case with cake in there too!

As for the deduction in taste tyat was because.... Some of them (which ones I don't remember) was hard to distinguish the different flavours. Otherwise it wasn't overly sweet, you can taste a hint of the almonds and the ingredients are well sifted. So it wasn't lumpy to distract from the awesome-ness of that is Macaron.

Plaisir Sucre Bakery
2668 Arbutus
604 781 0115

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