Gothic Lolita wigs

I bought a wig off a company named gothic Lolita wig on Facebook. I was really excited to receive it but why?!
Communication 5/5
Shipping time 5/5
Actual item 3/5

In their description it was a blend with white and pink

What I got was a pink wig with 2 huge white streaks and white tipping

They stressed how blended takes more man power there for costing more

I told them about it, they didn't really respond =( not even apologetic about it (I would have accepted since its not a huge deal)
Which is too bad I was really hoping to try out other things as well

I guess at least it photographs well


  1. It looks good on you, but GLW are known for bad service... If you don't like their products and complain they like to ignore those messages/posts,and really only look at the positive feedback from others. :( Sorry that the wig wasn't as good as you expected.

    Just saying i do not own a GLW, I am just speaking because I spend a lot of time on the /cgl/ board on 4chan reading about the best places to buy wigs.

  2. @Alexandria

    It's really to bad for them they have some great ideas! They would be even better if the could take the critz from what people are saying

  3. It would be better for business too! It really is unfortunate that they have hit and miss service, if they worked harder to please customers, they would have more income.

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