Wildrose d-tox

I've considered this for about year and half. I watched my dear friend go through it and it really change her daily diet. She use to eat almost 80% meat.
With this detox 
you are allowed to eat 20% meat
No sugar/dairy/flour/fermented foods/peanuts 
There is a list to follow what you can and cannot eat.

I followed the diet instructions in a relax way (I had a little yogurts today that's okay..) for a week before the detox started and make sure I could go through with it.

And the day before i start I got seduced by a package of instant noodles (I felt sick afterwards)
Half a jar of chocolate, 2 packages of seaweed and another instant cup noodle @_@... These drugs are telling me to go back to them!

Day 1 05302013
I felt like complete shit I also forgot to eat the pills before dinner time AND I forgot my drops at work.
I cheated today and had (and this is the truth) a few drops of soy sauce. Its not allowed because its fermented =( but how can I have sushi or sashimi with out just a little ?
And now that i think of it... The sushi rice has vinegar.. (vinegar is a fermented item)

Day 2 05312013
I bought very delicious couscous salad with seared sirloin. Feeling very proud of finding and choosing something tasty. 
lots of tummy aches around 630pm I think the colon detox is happening
Also realized I need some snacks that I'm allowed to eat any amount of
Found out about brown rice cakes (eww) and apple sauce
I forgot to eat my dosage before dinner so I had it later >_<

Couscous is not a grain but pasta =(.. It tasted so good though...
Pasta is not allowed during this detox.
I didn't know!! I thought it was along te same line as quinoa!!!!

Day 3 06012013
I'm feeling better today. I realize quinoa tasted very good with roasted vegetables, a little bit of corn and grilled salmon!
I found out today, Granville island market at one of the stalls has excellent quinoa, mixed ith herbs and vegetables.
I think if I had some baked salmon with dill, lemon and butter on this quinoa it will taste amazing!
out of my happiness in finding nasty brown rice cakes yesterday I forgot to look at the ingredient list.I picked seaweed flavor because I'm allowed seaweed. Tasted pretty good. I totally take back how nasty it is... Now today when I look at this I realize there is soy sauce. FML is soy sauce trying to haunt me or something?!

Day 4 06022013 
I'm actually feeling even better today with exception of some mental stress from noisy irritating people at work 
I do feel like I have more energy. I must have been very congested (so they say) I feel very clear and clean.
I'm starting to also notice my cravings aren't suppressed but nearly non existent. Yesterday mom was eating chips, I wanted some and opted out next thing you know it was out of my mind.
My daily coffee intake is going down. Sometimes I feel like I don't really need it but I take it a shot of espresso anyways. It's very discouraging when you can't have sugar or milk in it.

Here is my daily routine so far

Breakfast 11am ish
Quinoa salad 
(The amount is whatever I can get for 100grams.. Whole foods charges by weight. Lightly lined with quinoa a few broccoli bits, cherry tomato, asparagus, tiny spoon of corn, etcetc and a bit of grilled salmon.. 100grams is a lot of food for me in the morning )

Snack 1pm ish
smoothie usually consists of 
1 stalk of kale
?? Vegetable/fruit that can cover it (1/4 avocado?)
?? Smth sweet (apple?pear?etc)
+ whatever vegetables I'm allowed 
Topped off with blueberries
Approx 1/4 cup of unsweetened soy

Lunch 230-3pm ish
Good thing at work everything of this island usually health conscious.. 
Indian food
Something that has no dairy or coconut milk on brown rice

Thick sauces indicate they use flour to thicken the sauce.
Flour is not recommended during this program. 

Dinner 7pm ish
Brown rice with whatever vegetables mom has made and a few pieces of meat if it's not fish.

Anytime snack
Brown rice cake
Apple sauce 
Raw vegetables/fruits
Quinoa (usually save it for breakfast)


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