Wildrose D-tox part 3

Day 8 06062013
I feel like I'm cracking a little I'm tired of having quinoa. I'm also very upset today because that awesome Indian place sold out of brown rice I couldn't have anything ( I want a little rice to feel full) of course I could have white rice but I'm only allowed 20% of that and I would like to spend quota on meat.

Today I cheated.
I went to white spot for dinner. Here is the part that angers me. I ordered salmon fillet burger with no sauces or bun and a dry salad. As my dear friend gobbled up a Monty mushroom burger with fries!
Where did I cheat today?
I had some fries
I also managed to get a small small smear of mayo on A FRY.
AND managed to get smidgen of the patty and I mean a smidgen like fingernail full.

Anyhow.. After eating healthy for 8 days so far.. I get cravings. I just didn't really fulfilled it, but you feel gross after, feels like your insides got cling filmed and your face immediately becomes oily. It feels like even though you fulfilled it sort of... it doesn't feel very worth it. I just feel gross.

Maybe this is a very good weight loss program. Being that, this helps you balance your diet better. For example eat less red meat, eat more greens. Now a days society, is honestly...starving themselves nutritionally.
The after math of this diet is that i finally become health conscious. I realize how much junk I've eatened and how I feel about it afterwards and what it does to my body. I can cheat when I'm off their herbal pills, I'll enjoy the duration of my cheating but my insides feel better eating something else.

some people balloon back or worst to their old self, I see that this detox gives you a slight safety net.

You are clean after this detox, and when you re enter back into the world. Some things won't taste the same anymore. You can push through the "sick cling filmed feeling" and continue eating junk and revert back to your old self. Or you can take heed the bad feeling your body is giving you and eat what you should be eating for your body (and please cheat every so often)

Day 9 06072013

I'm feeling okay today I still feel yesterday's after math. Still feeling very gross. I notice I have been sleeping better, and I wake up feeling more energized.

Today I am sick of quinoa mixed with herbs cucumbers tomatoes and lemon juice. Even though I have some I'm not eating it today.

Cheated again, how severe? I'm not certain.
I had 2 pieces of shumai.
Which may have mushrooms but I didn't taste any.

I ordered a lemon tea thinking that's my best choice in a menu chalk full of things I'm not allowed to eat and then realize its black tea.

Be aware
Black tea has a fermentating process.
Do not eat any fermented foods.

I'm almost done. I honestly hate rice cakes. It's like eating styrofoam. I tried to dress it up with almond Butter it's not working =(

Maybe tomorrow I'll put some sliced apples and almond butter on the crappy piece of styrofoam.

I can't wait for this to be over!!! 
I cheated again today and had a dribble of simple syrup in my soy latte. Dribble!!! NOT drizzle!
I do feel a little depressed from not eating anything yummy =(

So many " I's" 
I'm full of it.

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