Wild Rose d-tox - part 2

Day 5 06032013
Today I tried almond butter for the very first time! It taste a lot better the peanut.
I've recently got my friend on the detox too!
I think there is improvement ! My pants are falling off haha but! These pants were sort of loose to begin with =(

Day 6 06042013
Today's smoothie is blueberry apple kale. It was passable.
I had the worst absolutely THE worst sushi ever at kiso island restaurant.I forgot to read the reviews.

I have discovered a wonderful little market in yaletown!
Leafy box market and juice shop.
They make fresh juice but that's not new news, many places do that. They're special because they are not only fresh they source almost everything locally =D!
Anyways I always find these sort of things expensive and not worth it (fresh pressed juiced), no matter,at that moment I needed smth to drink desperately. I ordered a apple,celery and parsley mix.
They chopped one apple and and filled the rest with greens. I was now amazed that, for the price of $5.?? You get a Starbucks grande size cup of fresh pressed juice with no water or ice fillers in it. holy!!! That was a lot of celery and parsley! That made it so much more worth it!
If you want to try it and I highly suggest it

Leafy Box
1155 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, BC, Canada

If you're on the detox
Don't forget you cannot consume tropical fruits because of high sugar content
Aside from that I would like to say i like to buy my kale from Choices market on cambie st. That is because, it is very fresh crisp and pruned. There are some places that sell kale sort of half wilted, very dirty and doesn't last very long,etcetc

Day 7 06052013
Today is the worst day of my program.
If you are going to do this detox make sure it doesn't coincide with your period.
It is stated from the beginning that you will be tired during the detox because the build up of toxins are being released. There for you may want to refrain from exercising unless you have the energy.

I couldn't do much. It was tired on tired. Plus a sore lower back =(
I was complete zapped. I felt better in the afternoon but zapped my energy when I took long leisure walk. 

Also I cheated again by accident I ate 3 shiitake mushrooms!
I forgot >_<... I just remember that most vegetables are suppose to be good!

Be aware mushrooms have candida yeast on it
Not that it'll kill you but it doesn't help the detox when you're body is trying to let it go of toxins and you're adding to it

On a positive note I have come up with a new delicious smoothie recipe =D

Carrot apple kale
5?6? Thin sticks of organic carrots (scrawny looking ones)
1 stalk of kale
1/2 gala apple
1/3 cup ish water

** pulsate with bullet before blending to smooth-ness

I also found another interesting local organic market =D

Organic Acres Market
3603 Main st Vancouver BC Canada 

The highlight for this place is not just because everything is organic but they have what I need for this detox IF I were to bake
They carry quinoa and brown rice flour 

And organic butter for a hefty price ( was surprised I didn't find any at whole foods)

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