Wildrose D-tox finale part 4

ext day 10 06082013
if you couldn't tell by my last post about day 10, I was getting very upset. luckily my day got better! My dear friend successfully cheered me up with dinner.
baked potatoes and tomatoes, kale chips, pan fried cod? and a lamb kabob. I felt much better!
I didn't cheat today but I forgot my morning dosage dam it!

to further up lift me today, she made me a muffin with ingredients which I am allowed to eat. 
some sort of brown rice flour cinnamon crumbly muffin thing, which is really good with apple sauce! almost taste like .. apple crumble!

and yes! I cheated today I had sushi (has a little vinager)

Dream Sushi Japanese Restaurant 
4401 Maint st Vancouver
pretty good sushi with perfectly cooked brown rice!
I wouldn't order anything but sushi/ sashimi there

I visited Leafy box again for a healthy snack around lunch time.

I sort of cheated at dinner time with a few small cubes of tofu at the foundation!
it's another vegetarian place with cheap eats.

 a must have. there and I always love it is cereal salad and nanchos. 

their nachos are awesome, you wouldn't know it was vegetarian too!
however they are a hit or miss, we had a tomato stew on quinoa. it tasted great and I was fine but my friend not so fine.

The Foundation
2301 Main St Vancouver 

finally last day and I totally cheated. I only have a morning dosage because of the one I missed on day 10. 
in the early afternoon I had a Japanese lunch combo. which would have been perfect if it was not for the vinager they put in the salad, or the teriyaki on the chicken and burnt sugar water on a soya milk pudding.
*sigh* I tried to avoid as much as I could.
then I tried to balance it back out and bought a juice... apple beats and kale?

Stay tuned for the final verdict and weight in!

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