Trattoria Italian kitchen


I'm not sure if I have ever written about trattoria. Im sure I have mentioned this place before.
The very first time I went, landed on pasta Tuesday's ($10 pasta day). It was very delicious!!

After about a year or year end I went again and found all the pasta not edible. I'm not sure how the could serve such an embarrassment to customers. My (then Kobe) meat balls were dry like shredded paper. My friends seafood dish for the life of me tasted and reeked like nasty rotten egg fart. (apparently something about the chef left to other restaurant in alberni)

Anyways it's been years since and I miss my first experience there.

This time around I met up with Traci, I am very happy to find that the food has returned to its own standard.
The menu has changed quite a bit!
Kobe is no wagyu? Meat ball and spaghetti 

One tip?warning?
- if you plan to take half of it home (because you could not finish) do not puncture the meat ball with your fork or eat half a meat ball (simply because you were bored waiting for others to finish), because!!
The next morning when you microwave it, it will be very dry! Versus the ones you did not touch.

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