lately I've been therapy shopping. I'm not sure how effective it is, when the aftermath is "sort of short on dough".
was I in a better place before or after?

here's what I snagged!
abandon night chiffon OP

pistachio limoge trinket box
-to add to my other two!

chocolate bunny

timbee lo rabbit ring
I could not leave the store with out this!
I will post a better close up picture soon! the rabbit has gold eyeliner too!!

3 dear Celine blouses
I've waiting years for the long sleeve, high collar and bow chiffon blouse forever! I always missed out when it was available etcetc
I also got the princess sleeved chiffon blouse too, it looks amazing with my antique dress!

dream bouncy blush by maybelline
I've always wanted the maybelline mouse foundation but after hours of trying "again", they just dont have my color.. fml
I'm in love with the consistency of the product and it has decent coverage for a drug store make up.
I left with two blushes

The O by cloud nine
my new hot roller velcro set that doesn't burn my fingers off!!
it works ok so far, I haven't gotten the hang of sectioning my own hair the right way yet. If only I had an extra set of hands and eyes! for now, I am attempting to achieve Victoria secret runway hair. no success as you can see =(

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