day of itty bitty food

C.C. Violin
surprised by a cute little tea place, some far away place!
this modern café, has many locals patrons(from what I gather)

The red velvet (pillow)
red velvet cake with mascarpone encased in white chocolate, awkward and too sweet to eat, however the inside was creamy smooth very tasty!

Croque Monsieur
I'm not sure why I ordered this, I initially wanted the Madame.
but mmm.. it's very good! perfect breakfast all in one!

their macarons are not bad
Taste 3/5
crunchy 2.5/5
chewy 3/5
from top to bottom
vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, bacon, chocolate?
-the batch for the salted caramel was baked perfectly!

C.C. Violin Patisserie and Cafe
1564 marine dr west van 

Luv Cravings
recently just opened! they serve bakery goods, cupcakes, and afternoon tea.
they also sell a variety of adorable minature food earrings made by a local artist!
lastly they have this tea I've been looking for last year! it is conveniently packaged in small tube (like Starbucks via instant coffee) and the bottom is perforated for tea to be steeped immediately !

this would be the second time I've been here, and i decided to bring my friend Monica, for a late night tea date =D
I'm glad this place opens late! (late being 7pm and sometimes 12am)
it's really hard sometimes when I work 10-6, and I can't make it for tea, cute places like these usually close by 5?6?! so I'm glad there is a lovely place for my enjoyment!

because they're newly opened I can't really say much
-the decor is beautiful
- the showcase is quite empty
- staff are really nice
- cupcakes are so/so but very pretty and unique flavors (perhaps mine sat to long in the display because it was crusty)
-coffee is not great
-has a good tea selection !

Luv Cravings
4018 canbie st Vancouver

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