Balilicious?! yes please!!


we were looking for the restaurant with flamenco dancers! could not find it and landed ourselves in here. I can't say I'm disappointed! and if you haven't notice I'm not always pleased by restaurants around here. Here is one of the few positive reviews I have.

tiny and dimly lit restaurant with exotic Indonesian decor. staff are pleasant and quiet. the background music is I think their traditional music. it is very magical? mythical? cute?and sort of hypnotic sound !

the food is amazing, there are just not enough words to describe. to have known I have missed out for so many years. this little gem!

coconut sambal egg
there's something exotic about this deviled egg! ;)

Rotti (not in picture)
pan fried flat bread with curry
it was that good! gone before I could take a picture

Rengdeng Sapi
dry curry beef brisket with potato 
mouth wateringly delicious!

Mango Pudding 
made in house
they took a long time to to serve this to me. I'm not sure why, but it was worth it !
(maybe its made to order)
super fresh !

Balilicious Indonesian Restaurant 
3488 canbie st Vancouver 

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