un expected macaron quest


I haven't dressed up in Lolita for a long time. I actually forgotten how enjoyable and amusing as well as hurtful it can be.

the first annoyance occurred right when I got off the car and bb drove off. a man attempted to label and question me if I was cosplaying. I had already saw him across the street pan handling. so I wanted to avoid him, I looked straight ahead and kept walking. he proceeded to follow aggressively and wave his hands in front of me to talk to me. I did not look at him and hoped he would go away .. in which he did not and i finally replied as I walked " I heard you and I do not want to talk to you"
scared and a bit ashamed I hid in side a store. I realized I must of been so rude and to a stranger?.. is this how I want Lolita portrayed to the world?
for the rest of the day I felt very meek.

while I walked about some people stared and some people are really nice and some are vulgar. I stayed off the street most of the time and stayed indoors ...

as I walked about, i started to muse dumb things like

"you don't know I am looking at your reflection while you are staring at me"

"he has a pretty and expensive car and I have beautiful dress, our happiness must amount the same"

in the end I met with charlene at the bay, we looked at some betsy Johnson accessories and decided to go to the store. it's really too bad they're closing... I really like their store a lot even though I usually cannot afford anything. I was bad and bought a pair of earrings.
I'll show and tell this later =D

afterwards we decided to go on a macaron hunt at Soriette
I've been meaning to write a review but my draft keeps getting erased !

I pick white truffle and matcha
the anatomy of the macaron is correct except the outer shell is to soft
(which I discovered will dry out in a few days and weirdly enough the inside chewy ness does not =D)
white truffle
this is actually a sweet and salty one. the first thing it reminded me was cactus club - butternut squash ravioli
I think they can do with a lighter hand when salting

I got this because it's safe =D

Viki rating
Crunchy-ness 1/5
Chewy 3/5
Taste 3.5/5
over all 3/5

Soirette Macaron and Tea
1433 W Pender Street
Vancouver BC V6G2S3 

after that we rushed off to dress see to help charlene find some faery wings as she was going to be dressing up as tinker bell for geeks after dark.
I saw Facebook pictures the next day and oh boy! charlene looked exactly like tinker bell!!!

anyways, we then went to deadly. couture to visit Jenny. apparently she's away and in her place an amazing gothic doll!! the outfit she put together is super cool pretty and cute... etcetc I cannot describe!

lastly we stopped at meat and bread to eat. I'm not sure why I order porchetta when I wanted the meatball sandwich. I think it really tasted like Chinese pork (siu yok) I didn't really taste the pesto that they had in it. the only comment I can put in this is the meat is cooked to perfection!
taste 2.5/5
ambience 4/5
service 5/5
let me add to this simply, do not go in there in Lolita if you wish to not loose your composure!

Meat & Bread
1033 West Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6

through out today I've been using camera360, the magic skin filter is fantastic I haven't needed to edit my pictures, the only downside is that the picture size is very small. so when uploaded to the web and viewed on a computer it's pixely =(


  1. It's not rude to ignore someone who is being rude to you. Waving his arms and demanding your attention is pretty rude imo, just because you look "strange" doesn't mean rude people are entitled to your attention.

  2. Ugh! That makes me so mad! I hate when people think they have a RIGHT to your time and attention, just because you are dressed differently. It happens to me when I wear lolita, too!