A minimal day

My good friends Sharon and Helena are really awesome doing the type of make up you see in popteen.  It looks like very little make up but actually it's loads, or at the very least a lot of technique.
Anyhow here is my go at it before heading out to the very anticipated night market =D

I'm trying out a new pair of bottom lashes i would normal never choose (cousin got it for me in hk <3)
because when I see a pair of bottom like these I would think it's way to obvious
but you know what I actually really like these, what do you guys think?

Also to end this post with doe eyed photo and guess what? if you read my last post... these pictures I am not wearing lipstick I think a nude pink would of been better =(...., anyways!
 some how i feel like I look a little bit like XiaXue... if only i had kept my mouth shut and smiled in the picture instead of looking like bunny


  1. The last picture is cute!! The soft popteen look suits you! <3

  2. Love your makeup and your style! It's really Popteen look indeed! Just discovered your blog 'cause you left a comment on mine. And I really like your blog, so I follow! Please follow back if you like mine! xoxo <3