Self hate post

While doing the usual girl chat, I never realized until my friend pointed out to me that I have pick out weird things to hate about myself

I'm not huge but I'm not skinny either in the bust waist hip and thighs and EVEN though I'm Asian doesn't automatically equal skinny. I am of average Canadian proportion unlike ______.

So I wish i could be tiny-er in stature in every thing, I don't care if I loose some boobage or some ass, hell if I loose some I'd fit into the pretty clothes I wish I could wear properly. Sometimes I try to explain to some of  my skinny asian friends how I wish I could be like them. A very good example is some times a certain type garment is suppose to fit a certain way and if you have too much say tummy then it kinda...bulges out the wrong places.. soooooo... for me it bulges all the way around, I buy the largest size of Asian pants and I can barely fit into it, I buy pants here and I fit into a nice medium (don't I feel great)
you know what I'll come right out and say it:
 I don't have massive breasts but I'd appreciate it if they were a size or two smaller. So if I'm complimenting you skinny bitches with small chest I am very jealous take the god dam compliment.. at least nice clothing fit properly on you!

so another thing I come to realize from my girly chat today that she thinks I'm weird about this
(I was talking to her about how i wanted concealer for my lips)
I hate my lips, why are they so red?or pink?I'm not wearing any lipstick I can't. I want to wear the nice flirty pink YSL ... nothing ever really shows up. If anything it changes the color of my lips ever so slightly. If I want a super big change dark red and black surely shows up =D

Lastly I hate most is my face
when I try to eat healthy exercise and loose weight, first part of me that goes is my face. My cheeks hollow out first. It was the worst sometime in highschool. Looked as if I was a drug addict (i'm not)
Last to go is my ass.. very wonderful

so what are the weird things that you hate about yourself?


  1. >: I am "normal" sized, and at a healthy weight, but I'm always struggling with my weight. Now that I've hit the highest weight I've ever been... 125lbs at 5'5... I hate it. >_<;;;

    It's normal, but I miss being a skinny ass at ~105 lbs!

    Also, I only have 3 pairs of pants that fit... out of a ton. |||orz

    Also, I don't know about your mom... but my mom always complains about my weight! I'm always too fat, even at 107lbs, lol....

  2. I really hate my eyes. They are freaky looking. Grey-blue with silver flecks and then a blue-green around the iris. Eyes don't usually look like that...

    I also don't like my sharp teeth... like they are mega sharp and look like a bunch of fangs and people like to point it out and it makes me sort of self conscious...

    Though on the other hand, I am fond of them as well, just when my friends make fun of me and call me a 'vampire' it puts me off a bit...