farewell Betsey Johnson

it is really too bad she has filed for bankruptcy. I was waiting for one day when I was rich to buy things I want. I don't like everything in there but there is a few pieces that are quite striking. I don't buy from her because they are quite pricey but now with a bit of a discount it's way more affordable. still not enough to buy a dress and jacket I've been eyeing..
Betsey Johnson earrings has made me <3 wearing earrings again
the first thing I saw when I went in was the necklace, basically I was not going to leave with out it lol
bb bought me the ballet earrings, he was surprised I was even remotely interested lol (because I always forget to wear or was only partial to the earrings )


  1. It really is sad! Like you I was waiting till one day to get the few things I wanted. >.< But it's great to see you were able to get a few of the things you wanted :) Very nice choices!

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. My friends buy expensive (overpriced, I thought...) dresses from them all the time, I'm surprised their business is anything but booming =___ =
    Hopefully the downtown store is still open! I could use some jewelry, too ;)