the Italian king: Culatello di Zibello

Can I just say that I tried this treasure by complete accident?
It was the highlight of several picnic trips too! Now I need to write about it before I forget!! Oyama won't be getting this for some time =( I had to describe to them this meat till the staff figured out what I was talking about.
All I saw was a name and the words "white wine" in the description pinned on the prosciutto at Oyama.
Who am I to know that what I was eating was the Italian king. We've all heard of the Spanish king.. everyone has heard of him! Maybe if you didn't know his origins you knew his name.. Jamon Iberico.

So what's the difference?
I don't know lol I have yet to try Iberico.

So what's so awesome about your new favorite salumi?
Culatello is hard to find because it only uses a special cut, which is the rump (the rest of the leg is wasted).  This is different from prosciutto, which actually cures the entire leg and nothing is wasted.

I remember reading the short poster for it too!  It's aged for twenty something months and it is delicious and fatty! Made in Vancouver by (I would assume) John van der Liek of the Oyama Sausage Company.. they say he's the "Godfather of North American charcuterie".

All I can say is, please make more of this very fine piece of ass. I haven't had enough!

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