fireworks again!

the day started with my special flower in bloom.

my day ended with fabulous patio party an epic food!

I also want to tell you my experience with this rare wine beauty! (is it rare? I'm not sure..) brought to us by a friend so happened to be our guest sommelier lol

I really wanted to see the un corkong because he brought a very cool box of tools. however he un corked it secretly and most of us didn't know.

he told us.. if the cork ever fell into the bottle on such a wine. he would cry.

it was poured into a decanter (does it still need to breathe then?)

I read up on it so that I could learn what is it that I'm tasting. people kept saying it was fading.. do they mean literally??

for the first time ever I could taste what everyone was talking about. 
it was floral and slightly sweet. I had never tasted a wine so delicious. however after a bit..that nice taste disappeared? were they quite literal. "a elegant lady hanging only by her finger tips?!"

the night ended off with us on the top floor patio and freshly baked dark choco cake with whip cream and frozen strawberry and champagne grapes ^^

Our ever awesome hostess Gordana and family, I can never thank or appreciate enough for such fantastic evenings !!

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