this is an amazing restaurant, which is quite literally tucked away in china town!

It's a little sad where they open because people living in the area (decently modern apartments) are always picketing outside the restaurant. saying things like "it's a boutique restaurant it'll drive up rent and push out low income families.."

you know what? their prices in there aren't that expensive. I had a good diner for about $30 for 2 people.

if you worked a full time job paying minimum this is a restaurant you can go to twice a month. there is no excuse in vancouver especially when the government offer some helps. i see many students work 3 jobs, pay for school, rent and partying all on their own. whats your excuse? ... anyways my point is it's not a "only special occasion restaurant you can only go once every year"

technically if they didnt renovate so beautifully people in the vacinity wouldn't
be complaining. it's only because they "look expensive"  

I'm sure the two locals poured every penny .. I mean nickel into it! it's a good place and we should be supporting such companies!

The salad and entrè selection didn't stand out to me.

i opted for taco, dip, ceviche 

  "tapande manzanilla, house guocamole, huit lacoche salsa and corn chips "
it's very good, and it will surprise you! normally I'm quite conservative about ordering such things, since I can buy or make it for less, but let me tell you that it is worth trying!

I highly recommend all the taco but my favorite is Molé lb albondagas? pulled duck cracklin'

Tacos come double wrapped and let me tell you not to forget that you can split this yummy morsel in to 4 tacos!
if you go in a group everyone should order one and trade off some and try new ones!

261 Powell St.

like I said it's sort of hidden, look for the skull logo and the bitter people standing outside.

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