surreal dining

I feel almost as if I'm dining in the sky with such enormous building as a view next to me!
not exactly a filling brunch but we did pig out the rest of the day.

A pre dinner dessert and coffee (bottom picture) at my old favorite bistro. It's sadly not the same anymore. Is it because it lacks spirit ? something is definitely missing..

Next up is dinner (top photo)
that picture is of some sort blasé appetizer. this is at trattoria. it was my favorite pasta place but after they change chef several years ago, it didn't tast so good. (had a small birthday party there and the entire table of 10 wasn't happy)I'm happy to be back, and sad I didint come sooner! because they have revamped the menu, most things are the same and who ever is cooking. is doing fantastic job!
I extremely recommend it!
The hi light for dinner was having w double date with bff and for some reason our other halves were having a laughing contest =_=..
amusing ... 

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