Getting away


one of my favorite things to do, is to get away from life by going to the states =D
even if it's walking around an empty outlet or watching a different scenery pass me by,

anything! just to escape rain-couver!

on this particular trip we picked up a table wine for the night which I've been eyeing for sometime. yes, I was sold on the pretty label lol.
its not bad! I haven't learned the lingo to describe it yet but I like it! it's not very acidic, affordable, and taste nothing like alcoholic cupcakes lol.

spent the night there in cushy air con room. I can't complain! as long as clean and the bed is good and the air con!!

brunch was juicy soup pork dumpling! my favorite!
they had a twist on it with shu mai on the top. I still like original more!

to top off the day a nice Guinness beer and chocolate cupcake!

as my friend would say "yummers!!"

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