Olive 8

Not too much shopping that day, as I was stupid enough to wear point high heeled boots; thus I could not walk far.

On the bright side, we spent the night in pretty much central downtown Seattle. It's so nice to actually live in the middle of city. It's always busy with lots of bright vivid lights and the like.

I find it amazing that the food for in room-aka roomservice- dining vs the restaurant is different. Maybe the difference is the breakfast chef and the dinner chef are different? (That actually is what happens in most cases =-=)

Any how!... The in-room dining was AMAZING!

I always order my usual boring eggs, bacon, potato, toast and side of fruits. My friend ordered the crab cakes and eggs benedict. Let me tell you how disappointed I was to not have ordered one of those! It actually contained real chunks of crab meat. Dam! it was good!

edited by Alex

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