Bella Gelateria

I've heard of this Vancouver wonder for sometime. usually I say no to icecream in the winter but! they are my one exception!
i have never had gelato this way ever in my life till now.
it's super soft smooth and the taste is so real! (better be lol)

sometimes they have odd flavors to!
I can't remember what it was but I remember I really don't want to try it lol... tried it anyways and I am as always surprised its not that bad, if anything it kinda taste good!
good example coconut. I hate everything made of it, nothing taste like the real freshly cracked nut! but their coconut icecream! my goodness gracious! unbelievable!! you should try it for sure!
though I do find that one should know their limit.
I love their salted caramel icecream.
I could not finish the cone because it was so rich =D I should of bought a single scoop cup

a weird one everyone should try is "faloudah"
which is a south Asian dessert, I've never tried the real thing but from the icecream flavored with milky rose water and noodles. it's not very appetizing, but believe me it's not bad! worth having a taste!

on to my favorites =)
my favorite is baileys. they really put in a good dose of alchy-hol into it.
my other favorite is
earl grey + fior de latte,
which is earl grey milk tea!!!

does anyone else have other concoctions to share ?
I imagine
lavender + early grey + fior de latte
= lady grey milk tea

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