NTV @ Adonia

May 13

Emerald (the one with the red bow sitting at the table) ever so fabulously organized this late afternoon tea with NTV(?) interview.

We were invited to Adonia Tea house for late afternoon tea with the NTV? i think channel? tv-show interview..
I'm not too sure about the details but its hard to turn down free afternoon tea in exchange for a bit of my time! =)

They ask the usual questions "how long have you been in it? how do you get your dress etcetc"\
I panicked for a few mins thinking... "how long have I been in it really?!"

hehee can anyone guess =P?

It was too bad... I didn't get too many pictures of everyone...
well.... not that I didn't... but believe me all the pictures came out fuzzy T_T...

For some reason everyone eyes either had red dots on it or reflected white.. it's sort of looked like.. we were all demons! and it's fuzzy too so ....
not worth showing -_-..

I managed to grab a quick photo of our camera guy, host, and media manger person!

I felt so happy to see a group of girls that actually gave a @#$! about lolita.
Where they really put effort into their look.
I can say how much it moves me to see a group such as this..


  1. To put a link you just have to save the picture in your computer (or know the direct link of the image) and then in the sidebar click "Add a gadget" and "Images". There you just have to look for the image you've saved and then put the link to lilies shop.

    If you have any other question, feel free to ask me (^_^)

  2. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing <3 http://www.katinosky.blogspot.com/