My 22 birthday

Yay now I'm officially day 2 of being 22!!!
My birthday was amazing <3
apart from the fact that people randomly showed up and some people last min. MIA
Honestly speaking, if you really can't make it, I'm not mad maybe a little sad that you couldn't make it. But when you promise me after many confirmation that you will be there for me and cancel on me last min or keep telling me your going to be late.

So to start off I was almost late for tea but made it on time! Early enough to put out goodie bags. Everyone started to trickle in around the 15 min mark which is fine. I then find out very late from the tea house that we have a 40 min limit. However they graciously gave me 1hr40 mins!!
Bill a old friend just showed up w/o letting me know I was so happy and surprised he came so shocked!

The tea house got my RSVP # wrong as two people canceled (they almost canceled my entire RSVP thankfully my friend doubled check) because I told my friend that was canceling the day before to phone in himself and tell them himself. No matter, cuz Bill showed up.

I'm so confused almost everyone phoned me to let me know they are approximately going to be 1 hr late… or asking me where it is or what time it's at…
Wow! It was like I'm having a last min. party. I did let you know almost 1month a head the time the place and the address…
Especially being told I have 40 min limit. I was getting very fed up from picking up the phone calls. I didn't want to hear your going MIA, or that your going to be late like half hour. You might as well not come but I figured … we could just hang out after for a short while. If I'm not too pissed for paying for whoever no show RSVP spot.

To my luck only one no show which was covered by my unexpected friend!
I had a lovely time even though with a very short noticed reporter, Harrison, that wanted to do a follow up story on me, which turned up to help me take pictures!
I had left over goody bags in the end which I gave to the manager/hostess/waitress!
After eating we went to take outdoor pics but the place I wanted to go was under renovation. I couldn't think of where to go >_< I should of thought of the art gallery or something.

I had to go home asap and wash off the make up and changed into a different dress and headed off to holts. Diana under estimated her time to do my make up. I was okay with the end result. I would of prefered if she put on my eyelashes where the inside corner met together instead she desperately tried to make the outside corner meet together. Which was weird irl and in pictures. Omg the eyelashes were so heavy. I almost regret… they kept casting shadows in pictures I could open my eyes properly they looked a little weird the way they were put on, I should of took them off at the restaurant and re positioned them but I didn't want to screw up all the hard work she did.

I barely made it in time to the restaurant.

It was wonderful! We had a private room and it had a stage/ lounge too! I got to have a mini shoot!

It was amazing almost everyone showed up. Those who didn't was replaced by last min ppm telling me they could go ^_^

It was hard keeping the entire table of people from being divided @_@

Poor Neil he under estimate how much it took to
make the cake. I think next time I'll pay a baker to make it instead cause Neil looked so stressed that he would crack any moment.

We all ate cake on the stage !!

All is good till the end which was a disaster. I don't know if it was the restaurant fault or my friends not being clear I can't help bit feel it was mine entirely I'll explain after this

4 bills
-main food bill (13ppl)
-individual drinks bill
- Melissa bill ( they didn't want to order with group)
-Kim bill ( ordered two drinks)

I told Melissa and Kim to tell the waitress before ordering to tell her your are a completely separate bill.

After eating I went to have a smoke before settling the bill. When I came in BB was extremely stressed

Apparently the owner was confused for some reason she divided the main bill in 16, and she has no record who paid and how much. She just kept accepting money so she doesn't know if she was short or had too much money… a little bit of a crook,no? She did nothing except arguing and took it way to personal with my BB. She just kept trying to explain and she wasn't sorry for her confusion or try to listen or try to give a solution she just kept saying I don't know when asked for details. BB had to pay 100 because it was short by that much. (ppl paid around 25$/each which should of been 25$+tips/each)

BB was so pissed yelling at her and her yelling at him. He was pissed at her customer service skills and I don't know why she argued back with him. She stressed him so much that he almost called the cops for the fact that she's asking for more money because she has no idea if she was short or over

I didn't know what to do, at first I thought he was angry about the money but wow I was so shocked when he argued he said he doesn't care about it that the amount it was,was very little @_@ really? I thought it was ridiculous and a lot of money to pay when everyone else paid way less then that.

The only thing I figured was to grab everyone and solve together.Bill figured out the calculation problem that everyone just had to give extra 8$? Back to BB. But … BB didn't want to accept, I wanted to for him but didn't.

So the reason why I feel at fault.
I am sorry to everyone, that attended that I did not take control of the problem.

I am sorry BB, that I left everything up to you and vexed you to the point if almost melt down

I am sorry Helena, that criticized you of your leadership skills at your party when I am such a hypocrite myself.

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  1. i wouldnt say i was THAT stressed XD. tho i do tend to worry about things, just my nature