I spent most of the night packing and looking in the mirror. Stupid bathroom mirror lights shine a bit more orange/red so it confuses me very often. Especially after I just got a spray tan @-@ it looked good right away but then as time passed I kind of got more and more and more orange and only on my face too! Out of fear and desperation I wiped my face down like twice with toner. It looked really good every time.

By next day I was way too tired to care and just kind of rolled out of bed in the gorgeous pink shirt Sharon gave me for my birthday along with shorts and stilettos and minimal make up XD.
We then got on a taxi ( me and mom) to pick up grandma and then off to the convention centre!Did you know there’s a gift shop? They’ve got some interesting replica jewelry pieces.
Apparently only one friend of my mom’s was late and but honored her promise to meet us at POINT A and all her other friends ran in to the cruise asap.
On the way to the ship we took pictures then went to see if we could upgrade our rooms which didn’t happen. I realized there that maybe I should of brought prettier clothing if not… Lolita clothing!
We went to the depart party which was full of streamers loud music and very extremely happy people.
Then off the lunch buffet! Then safety practice then eating again! Omg so much eating @_@ …… this is not going to help my tummy =(
Dinner was wonderful,(in restaurant) our head waitress and her two juniors were absolutely polite and just wonderful. You really feel not as good as royalty but aristocracy almost?
Night time came way too soon, and I dragged mom out to swim. We were going to go to the sauna too but, it was closed.
Isn’t it adorable?
We went back showered and dressed up for clubbing (odd mom is going >_<) We washed up looked pretty went and grab a snack( the buffet is 24hrs) and off to clubbing. By the time we got there the main band just finished playing and some shity DJ was taking over.

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