Tues 5
Woke up not so early, only in time for lunch! This is what I learned from the cruise. You are on the Island Princess Cruise ship. YOU ARE THE PRINCESS!
the chairs are pulled out for you; when you walk back to your table with your food someone will help you! and at the buffet the watermelon has the words "princess" carved into it like it was just for you *full of self =P*
Most importantly~! you can eat anything you want at the buffet. When I mean anything I mean if you want to have a entire plate of desserts like I do and only feel like eating a bit of each maybe two bites of your favorite one. You're allowed to. The servers look at you like you deserve to eat this way @_@ *feeling like royalty*They don't even look at you funny, not even a comment in their breath or a snicker as they leave. Brunch was indeed beautiful!

After brunch with the mom grandmama and the aunties, I left for a walk around the boat. I had a good half hour before afternoon tea was to start. I walked around the deck realize the main deck they were playing on their huge announcement outdoor mega tv, toy story 3!
So I joined for 15 mins enjoying the sun and a bit of the movie!
I wish I could stay on the cruise for longer, i really wanted to be able to lay down for longer and sun tan, it's quite relaxing…

Time was up, and my O_O... sunning is very tiring ...
I met up with the group and off to tea, tea isn't fancy like Sutton but it's decent.

Then more shopping with the group and it was dinner time~!
Once again the cruise is like magic. If you wanted 5 of the same appetizer you could order as many as you want
so today I had 2 plates of shrimp cocktails, minestrone, some sort of tasteless steak.
I didn't eat much of the entre I was completely enthralled by this chef near our table. He was doing table side cooking! pasta! apparently that was included in our dinner menu =P! So I ordered one too
I got a plate and tasted.... AMAZING absolutely amazing. Then, like in a movie, he started singing in Italian for our table and serving us from the pan to our plate saying he wanted it to feel like how his mom use to do it back in the day! Comforts of home! While our head waitress tried to not look disapproving x_x it was quite funny you can see her dilemma. "This is a fine dining restaurant! That's way of serving is to casual! But the customers like it… what to do…"
I wanted to get more cheese but the juniors were busy so I got up to get it which I then realize patience is a virtue that I don't exactly have. I made sure they didn't see me! They must have like extra Eyes or senses or something as soon as I picked up the salt. One of them zoomed over to take it out of my hands looking slightly bruised?appalled? That I didn't ask them and why I was doing their job and proceeded to ask how much I would like.
After eating I rushed off the the main atrium as the captains were giving their welcome speeches with champagne to be served! Manage to get my hands on two glasses and run off to give mother one.
Back in time for desert!
Zabbaglione ice cream , so basically alcoholic ice cream ^_^!
After eating waitress cleaned up for us and showed us out letting us know that she'll be waiting for our return another day (last day of cruise)
She is so kind, so sweet ^_^ like how every server should be like

After dinner everyone else went to watch a show but I was tired, was going to go back to freshen up and go to the pool and gym then some sauna and then off to the club!

Of course that didn't happen. I stayed in for a bit of a nap that was rudely awaken by mom, showered and went for a bit of a snack and off to the club with mom and the aunties.

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