Soy milk soup noodles recipe 2.0

Soymilk hotpot/ noodle soup etc

Since my first recipe I posted on Facebook, I realized I can't get a hold of dashi as often as I like. (I don't like the granulated or MSG version). As well I've simplified it a lot ... it's mainly 3 steps:
chop  -> toss in pot -> season 
I use to make sure everything was not over cooked.. but now it doesn't really matter,... just throw ingredients into the pot around the right (and different) times and it will all be done at the same time

Asian chicken stock to fresh unsweetened Asian soy milk
*** Asian chicken stock and soy is lighter and unaltered with other "seasonings"

1/2 pkg of enoki
1 mini sui choy (nappa cabbage, if you cant find the mini then half of a regular size
1 cooked serving of whatever noodles you like (udon works well)
0.5  tbsp satay sauce
half onion sliced thinly
1?2? korean fish cake ( rectangular blocky type with vegetable bits in it)
some thinly sliced pork (medium fatty ness)
Thinning sliced pork for hot pot
Tbsp fish sauce 

Optional ingredients
1 pkg shimeji mushrooms (this type don't have much flavour and should be put in with the onions, so that it can soak up more flavor)
fish balls
tofu ( i prefer previously frozen firm tofu)
Tofu puff
Egg tofu (pan fried with oil until golden)
1 shiitake mushroom sliced  

- cut Napa cabbage to 1.5" pieces 
-boil fish cake, optional ingredients, mushrooms, onion and Napa cabbage stem pieces with chicken stock and a cup of water until soft
-during this time cook pork slices and remove once cooked 
*meat helps to flavor the soup base*

-when onion is finally soft, it's time to throw in any delicate (soft ingredients such as soft tofu..but mushrooms don't count) like the leafy part of the Napa cabbage
- close lid
- as soon as the leaves wilt add soy milk (maybe a dash of cream if you like a stronger flavor) 
- bring soup temperature to just before boil.. You can tell by leaving the pot open and when you see steam coming from the edges (moment right before it boils) turn off the heat.
-season with satay then fish sauce to your liking

** when it bubbles the soy will curdle and become a grainy texture =(

Soo... What do you think of it? Was it easy to follow? Do you think it'd be easier to understand me through a video instead?

Let me know !

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