Lolita timelines..

I remember back in the day 
it was very difficult to buy any lolita brands. I know some people think I'm a snobby elitist and whatever, but it wasn't always that way. I started some what ita to what I look like now, so excuse me for wanting perfection when I can clearly see your laziness seeping from your clothes.

I use to make my own items including the  "pad" headdress! 
I made and sold my very own designs.
That was when I started to make some sort of income, because at that time I was too young to work.
Soon enough I was able to afford items. sometimes my good friends would bring me back socks too. it would also come with a plastic bag! of course... being young and stupid, I'd paraded around as if I also got a "brand" bag.

or i remember when I came to the horrible decision to sell my closet. my prized closet of everything I had earned by hand, sold for college funds. 

it's been so long since almost like a dream. now I have some hair and make up skills to add to my arsenal =)

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