Adventure time VI


the top picture is of yesterday's dinner at Kingyo Izakaya. they have this awesome Kobe beef on hot rock! too cool ! too cool!

on the bottom picture is Phnom Penh, if you ever.. EVER go there you must order the lu luc with egg (half eaten plate) and if you can spare a few bucks ask for fried rice. It hits the spot every time ! mind you this i think $15ish plate of rice beef and egg can feed AT LEAST 3 people or 4 people comfortably with an appetizer =) oh and lastly!! if the egg yolk hasn't set, YOU NEED TO BREAK AND MIX IT IN!

Today I'm so tired after all this running around.

we first had a walk around Museum of Anthropology and enjoyed the ceiling to floor window viewing of a river?creek?
(3rd pic)
my favorite part inside the museum is the section of artifacts from around the world. I love ancient history ^_^!

next we went to Nitobe Gardens 
(1st pic)
equipped with its very own tea house. it's amazing and serene inside! I wish it were bigger!!

lastly we went to UBC botanical gardens. (2nd pic) I can't say it's gorgeous.. it's looks and feels like a home kept extremely large garden. it would be better if it were not off the side of the road.

with that being said I wonder if they allow picnics in there..

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