Dessert Expedition: Sweet Revenge Patisserie part 2

April 15
In the early afternoon me and the girls went to Hycroft for a photoshoot for a close friends, graduation project.

After that we went for a light dinner and arrived exactly on time when Sweet Revenge opens!

Today dessert explorers
ME!!!! =P

boy! were they ever surprise to see us at their door step lol!

We were seated near the door, the couch was very comfortable but the fact that every time someone walked in and try not to stare or take picture was....
I think we ordered...
Flourless chocolate cake with a hazelnut centre and a hint of raspberry jam

We said: It's extremely crumbly and super messy...
Taste wise.. I guess its not bad!

Sweet Revenge Patisserie :: 4160 Main St. Vancouver, BC Canada
604-TRY-SWEET (604-879-7933)

and of course a teaser from Hycroft?

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