Dessert Expedition: Sweet Revenge Patisserie part 1

Sweet Revenge Patisserie :: 4160 Main St. Vancouver, BC Canada
604-TRY-SWEET (604-879-7933)

April 7, 2011
My new escapade inspiration!
To travel around Vancouver for desserts!
Today's explorers ARE me... Herman... Emily
(i realized after ... maybe I should of taken a picture of us.... next time.. next time...)

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The drink you see on the left is a New Moon sangria.
I am not sure why all their sangria's are named after twilight series, but I'm not judging them for names.
It is the medium size drink and you need at least 3 people to drink it all. It is recommended ^_^! by me

We couldn't decide, what to eat, so instead we ordered half the menu!

OLD-FASHIONED CHOCOLATE CAKEJust like gran used to make!$5.35
We said: this cake is fantastic!if you ever feel depressed and need a slice of cake, this would be the one! It tasted like nothing was spared full fat all the way baby!

BERRY TRIFLEA traditional English dessert, with home-made sponge cake soaked in Grand Marnier, vanilla custard and berry coulis and fresh berries, topped with whipped cream $6.75
We said: It's a dessert to impress the girl on your first date!Fantastic for a summer desert, because it is refreshing and light. OR because you ordered way to many chocolate desserts that night!

with seasonal sauce $6.75 (add $1.50 for extra sauce)
They said: they only used cream cheese and white chocolate to sweeten no sugar added and should be able to melt on your tongue.
We said: It's a extremely confusing cheese cake. We're not sure if the texture is cheese cake material or mouse. Perhaps it was because we over killed out pallets with other desserts, that we cannot fully judge this.

TIRAMISUMascarpone cheese with whipped cream layered over ladyfingers soaked in Kahlua and espresso, dusted with cocoa powder $7.15
We said: This is something you don't want to share! It's your slice of heaven for the day!

A domed cake covered with semi-sweet ganache, with layers of buttery white sponge and chocolate & fresh berry mousse $5.55
We said: If you feel super unsure what to order at sweet revenge, you cannot go wrong wit this cake. Semi sweet ganache is the perfect balance in this cake (since so many patisseries like to over kill with sugar)

with real whipped cream $6.35
We said: This taste better with ice cream! It's also THE cherry on top of a perfect date. Something moderately sweet warm and bursting fluffy chocolaty good-ness.

Old fashion chocolate cake, Berry trifle


  1. Lool so on nom nom *___*
    Definitely will check it out :D

  2. Srsly makes my mouth watery :L

  3. Oo i went there too! Their desserts are so delicious x3 <33 I haven't gone there in awhile, now you make me crave it wahaha~

  4. I am jealous!!! This place looks amazing!!! I totally want to check it out!!! I LOVE sweets, especially tiramasu~~

    And as for the Victoria's Secret face primer, it feels a lot more light weight than my Philosophy one, but I am not sure if it is better quality.
    It has been a few days since I used it, and I haven't broken out (but my Philosophy one doesn't break me out either). XD
    I'll maybe try to do a comparison post or something!!

    I can't wait to see more of your posts! ^^

  5. Wahaha will do for sure~ <3 whenever we both free la