April 22

Wow was it the longest day of my life!

Went to the states at..... 430am very brutal
Didnt arrive at premium outlet near tulalip(?) till about 830ish 930ish?

So instead we first went to.... something gate mall..
When I arrived I remembered that this specific branch of Victoria Secret is horrible!
Everything is not in stock, and I can`t seem to find ANYTHING I want in there.
However this time I took the time to find myself some body lotions!

not big fan of extremly scented lotions but I did pick out4 !!

I can`t tell you much about them other then the secret moments is a light scented line versus everything else they have. I tend to get sick of strong scents even if i loved it to start with.

I really wanted a Dream Angel Perfume but as much as I liked and tried
I came down to three

Dream Angels forever - smelled like my 1million girl version ... but it smells so nice like.. hot apple cider with a sprig of Cinnamon or something.

Dream Angels Desire - light floral

Dream Angels ???? - a light scent I don't remember

In the end I tried desire and ???? one on each arm and wear it for a day.

Now continuing on road trip we met up with one of Lin and Jay friend for lunch, Chris.

We we were suppose to go for Pho but the place was closed and went for dim sum but that area is seriously when I look in the restaurant its... questionable how clean they are .....
So instead we went to a Japanese cafe that served normal things you could make other then THIS!

After that we went to I think Westfield mall....
Now THAT was worth going to. I had such a heavenly time in Victoria secret !
I found a bra and panties. WHY ARE THEY so BEAUTIFUL?!?!

anyhow I splurged and bought myself a big t-shirt night gown! MY! was it ever soft..... I wonder from VS cotton clothing even though they are soft light and cotton is that if it is durable!
I mean the material is so thin... I really worry!! and the price is not cheap either!

They had these really nice tanks and tshirt type tops that are thin breathable stretchy comfortable made for doing the layered look WITH OUT looking FAT!
but at 20? or 2for $35
is it real worth it?

After frantically prancing around VS in bliss, came the BIG decision of the Dream Angels...
I kept going back and forth and the decision is DAdesire. because for whatever unknown reason to me DA???? smelled like weird puddled paper on me. So I`m standing there deciding on buying the perfume for 45$ and get the lotion for free (value of 20) or just buy the lotion...
but if I buy the lotion.... how do I wear it like perfume on the go.... I would have to smear it on my neck... that would be awkward.....

That's when!!! the sales came to my rescue and suggested (unlucky for her) bombshell collection.
OMG it was immediate LOVE!! At first I right away took the lotion but then as I kept looking I found they have a small gift set of a tiny version of the perfume and a travel size of the lotion for 15$ ..... I already have like... 4 lotions I really don't need another regular size lotion

So! yay i got down saled lol

The only thing I was not able to buy is this

If they had it! I would of bought it in almost every color. Apparently its a ONLINE item.
Now.. not that i`m not a VS fan but i`m not obessed over VS however I do really love along with every girl and child out there to have items with my name on it
SO that was one of my disappointments of the day *sigh*

We finally made it back to premium outlet to power shop for Jay

but how could me and lin not drop by the cosmetic outlet store there?!
Here is my second disappointment of the day....
they have the bobbi brown eye primer doubles as eye cream

I saw it in the holtrefew counter and I was interested and took a sample home to try but had not have time to try nor look for review about this product before buying.
original price in Canada is about 50$ at the outlet is $36 with only 8% tax versus 12%

WOW I really want to buy this but I do not want to buy another jar of stuff that may not work sitting in my bathroom or waste money because even at a discount it isn`t cheap either!

anyhow... after power shopping we went to target and walmart and I was introduced to heaven!
MILKA lil spoons

Milk chocolate with mouse insides is the BETTER VERSION OF CADBURY EGGS

Last stop was to pick up this!

I deem this to be THE most healthiest sometime snack EVER
If you haven`t tried it YOU SHOULD!
it momentarily substitute cake eating
so why you buy this make sure the label saids WHIPS

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