YSL review and left over TW pics

Why you piggy so cute?!~
How am I suppose to eat you now -_-???

Of course lately, I've really wanted YSL #7 Lingerie pink. Let me mention to you I think I own two lipsticks before I got this new one. My friend, Lin, suggested to look for a dupe, to save money. People suggested MAC Viva gaga or St. Germain. I have the gaga XD I want the new gaga lipstick! the nude is interesting! However the lipstick from MAC I'm not big fan, might be because of the strong waxy smell. They're decent and fantastically priced. Lin also suggested to go try Buxom. I tried, I was impressed. However whatever ingredients it use to plump your lips like (Fusion Beauty) has the minty burning on my lips, which sort of bugs me. Anyways my point of trying it on was to then go try on with YSL lipstick, and see if i found a dupe. I tried on #7 WOW... I now understand the price difference..... the creamy texture and super pigmented lipstick of YSL is far superior then MAC and Buxom. The distance between the products is soo far it's unbelievable. I didn't find a dupe but I did find that lingerie pink was SOO NOT MY COLOR. After trying out tons of color I ended up with #1 Nude beige. Which is the one in the picture above. I would have NEVER EVER picked that color because I think it's ugly and too mature for me. I gave it a shot anyways and as you can see in the picture. It's not bad!

Anyways here are some left over pictures from TW!


  1. OMG I fall in love with the pigs and with your photo, too <3

  2. yeah x___x i was telling you, it's creamy, but almost all the reviews say that because it's so creamy, the lasting power is like an hour lol

  3. OMG did you really eat that cutie?? *o* I love pigs!!
    You and your bf look great!!

  4. @lin
    are you sure x.x it's like way too much color, i'm more like dabbing my finger on it and then blend on my lips x.x
    but we'll see, i'll test it out!

  5. It looks like a beautiful color, but beautiful colors don't necessarily look beautiful on every complexion! Too bad it didn't work out, the packaging is gorgeous as well!!

  6. yep just go on makeupalley.com where people post stuff on what their experience with the lipstick is

  7. @lin
    I've already read it before buying it, the lasting doesnt matter too much since I usually use only only lipgloss, as of so far 2hrs in I've still got color.

  8. Aww you're so nice!! Actually I didn't know Okarie until last week! I think she's so cute!! *o*