Spring Make up

Here we go!
Second time using pink eyeshadow and SERIOUSLY T_T who doesn't want to use pink eye shadow?!!!
Though.. every time when I was younger with no knowledge of make up attempted to use pink, I looked like I got a very irritate eye!

Well as you can see I don't have pink eye!!! get the joke get the joke??

What I used
Shit load of extensions

Majolica PK330
Majolica BK999
MAC pink freeze
Urban decay liquid liner Perversion
Dolly wink #5 #6
brandless top lashes

Majolica PK301 & PK303

YSL #1
Majolica BE205

Last but not least HAIR~!
I had inspiration picture in ageha. I TRIED and did not score. If you ever wonder why I use a half wig so often?
HERE you can now see my real hair. I think it's quite beautiful....
but some @#$@# broke off a lot of my hair, not only do I have thin hair I have extra thin hair.
I use to be able to fake it like I had a lot of hair w/o extensions.
That's not the case any more.


  1. You are soo pretty :O its a really nice spring makeup look and i loooove your hair. The flower hair decoration is so pretty <3

  2. You look soooo beautiful in these pictures viki!