Lolita Interview!

The morning started complete surpise. Because I got the text from Shiena that they're in need of a extra girl for the newspaper XD!!!!!
Of course I wanted to go but ... you know... I dont want to but in that sort...even though I kinda dropped a interest to one of the girls.
Okay anyways, day started off with me calling my morning person to come early and then book my afternoon person later so I can go to interview.

I feel like one of my small dreams come true
*sings* "Never had a dream come true"

Dear Melissa came to my rescue, I dont know how I can thank her or how many times forever I can thank her for taking me there. I was certain I would not make it on time doing hair make up and everything!
I made it there and met a new friend and now soon to be Lolita, Charles.
Hopefully our guidance will help you become successful in your road to becoming Canada Next Male Lolita *wink wink*

Our interviewer is Harrison from Singtao. I think of all the news paper articles Sing Tao did the best. It was not very creepy or miss took us for something else.

What he wrote (babel fish helps)

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