Lolita day with out a dress?

After being woken up several times by family members holding a meet up at my house to talk loudly outside early in morning along with constant flushing of the toilet -_-
I completely missed the door bell for my prezzie!!!
Good thing gramps got it!
The dress is first dress I bought completely new... it's odd but amazing feeling!

Manage to fall asleep again but then I was late to meet up with David.
Saw these two daring ladies making a stand near the skytrain!
After meeting them I do feel sense of guilt eating animals.. I think perhaps I'll cut out all meets except beef?
Now beef is really hard for me though....

We went to try the tea place for my birthday. We ordered the West Coast Tea service. O.o... it's very seafood ish ... kind of...
the macarons are good @.@? and edible flowers?

Afterwards, met up with Charles to shop for his lolita things. We found tons of EGA things and it was a good thing we completely look around before deciding anything.
It was getting late so BB came to pick me up and we then...

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  1. Beef is also the reason im not a vegetarian XD Beef is sooooo good <3