Sweet BB

The day started very slow.
First off I was fixing my resume, and then doing my hair. Waiting and waiting for BB to wake up. I'm tired of waking him up. He should learn to fix his own sleep schedule.
Finally he awoke and we met up with Emerald and her friend.
We walked around together and found ourselves in Mimosa. BB bought me a necklace for no reason at all. I'll just take it as "Viki feel better" necklace. I found a gorgeous necklace for him too. A spade shaped pendent with skulls on it.
We dropped by Chicco for marzapone or something. Whole thing was cream. kind of gross.
Soon after Emerald and her friend had to go.
BB continuing to try and cheer me up brought me to Kobe

Unfortunately the table I had to sit at... had a very bad crowd. One couple wouldn't shut up and the other two just quietly talked to each other. The chef that was performing couldn't manage to hold any of their attentions, just me and my bf. His knife needed to be sharpened, his jokes had to be more natural instead of reciting. At least he did two tricks I wanted to see, volcano and lighting the table on fire. He forgot to flip do the other trick where they cut off the shrimp tails and toss the bits on their hats.
The food was pretty good. I like the drinks tho! they came in cute containers that you could take home.
I was thoroughly satisfied.

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