Being broke

Well I'm trying to cope of having not much of a income today. One of the things I learned is = if your hungry and your not going to faint, wait till you get home and eat.
I started off meeting her at Nainaimo? station which she was late so I found my way to that store. On the way I was trying to look for some sort of Starbucks or something which I didn't find any.
However I did find McD. so I got a coffee and attempted to eat a parfait (trying to be slightly healthy) ($3ish?)
We then set out to find another warehouse, boy did I get a deal on my supplies. Not only was most things less expensive there I also received extra 15% discount i believe.
We then went to another warehouse in downtown but we didn't make it in time. But then by this time its around 3pm ...I was full but I really really really wanted something salty.
In the end me and Helena shared a takoyaki ($2)

By this time it I was already suppose to hang out with John, we're suppose to go to Ikea, I tried phoning and such but i'm guessing he's flaking. I didn't get any update from him at all.

So then me and Helena went to Pacific Centre to look for some shampoo/cond. at this time I phoned up Bevan see if he wanted to hang out but it sounded like he was busy too ... oh well

So then me and Helena went to sephora to do our girly thing
that's when John phones yay!!
unfortunately at this time half of downtown is blacked out and John isn't willing to pick me up to go to ikea
well we did make it to the YVR
John showed up kind of right on time ^_^ <3
we passed by my house so I could drop everything off and off we go to Ikea

On the way there I get a text from Bevan letting me know that things on his side are going slow. Sounds like he's flaking -_-

we get to Ikea and i'm looking for two things, a book shelf and a trolly
I find neither -_-
We had icecream ($1ish) or i should say is frozen yogurt
not bad
then we had 15meet balls w/ mash potatoe! FFFOOORRRR ($2ish)

Total today $7ish

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