Happi Birthday Dez and Diz april 2

couldn't contain my happiness of giving her, her present. So I gave it earlier ^_^
I think its one of THE most waterproof mascara out there that does not flake and absolutely extends your eyelashes more then double (provided that you layer 3 coats on * after it dries each time*)

Down side,
IT IS that waterproof ! you will need a oil base make up remover and scrub or better yet scrape!

Poor baby! Almost all her doggie friends stood her up on her bday. However she did find a new bestfriend. A ball. Apparently she was so into playing with the ball she forgot all about meeting other puppies and everything around her. Including her own nose. She apparently she pushed the ball around with her nose until it was all sore, scraped and swollen.
For her birthday I gave her a dollie that has rattles and bells, the works~with a PLUS! the skirt on the doll crinkles, and Dizzy loves crinkly sounds^-^

I have never seen a dog love a toy this much ever! she practically sleeps with it in her mouth. She likes to bite and then head shake it. Apparently this one time when she head shoke the dollie. the rattle hit her head really hard. For a short while she was afraid of her own toy =P

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