Tiny town of Japan


Went out with Herman today, took me to this empty parking lot?
*plays evil music DUN DUN DUN!*

There were these three little mobile hot dog thing stand?

left to right Takoyaki stand, Crepe, Ramen

We had the ramen stand first, there are no seats inside. Many options first of deciding on your soup base and then add toppings. My oh my! the waitor inside super cute couldn't help but be a little shy.. funny how in the picture his face kind of glows o.o

The ramen i got is standard miso, with chasu seaweed green onions butter and egg.

A+++++ and beyond! on the egg. Very few people can cook the egg perfectly, it must be some sort of advance skill. To cook only the white part and just barely the yolk @.@

Crazy huge Takoyaki. They have everything inside, its like 5 or 6 tiny takoyaki mashed into one really really really big one. Very good novelty value^-^

Clash of the Titans

so-so movie, love the beauty of the people and background and the CG. Not for kids under 12 deffinetly good for teens as they probably think the movie understands them?
as for adults its ok, not great not boring
the end is funny, "Mail order bride =) "

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