omg I saw that lady!


today I went to "Market"
the view in there is nice, I thought it'd be a worth it to try dine out there !

tuna tartar on avocado
... it was okay I only really tasted the vingerette. that pretty much over powered everything

?? risotto
wow it was under cooked! I sent it back but in the end I traded with my friend. instead I had the halibut on truffle mash!which was perfectly cooked season and mouth watering!

cheese cake
I thought it was really good! until I found out that it was a cheesecake! the entire time I thought it was a under baked custard! that aside the flavor was great!

the hi light of the evening was "I saw that lady"
I was trying to tell my friend to turn around "oh! that's the lady on tv,you know !!!"


of course she missed it! because I blanked out. luckily they were sitting two tables away inside private dining room. so we could sort of discreetly peek!
they walked so fast into there I couldn't ask for a picture =( would it have been rude?? I immediately I had wish I wore my cute cake hat, maybe she would have looked my way and I could then ask hehehehe!

another time? one day? maybe?

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