sugar makes the difference

Referred from a friend to this cute little tea tasting bar

What's a tea bar you ask? Its pretty much a bar that serves tea. You'll have a adorable hostess telling you all about the tea your drinking from location to how its grown and harvested.

Usually I drink my matcha straight; I enjoy it's natural bitter sweet and relaxing veil it puts over me.
Our nice hostess told me that it is usually enjoyed with wagashi (japanese sweets) and offered me a specific type of candy.
I've already forgotten the name of our tea. The only word I remembered was "Asahi" hehehe sounds like the beer doesn't it?

Anyways... The wagashi made all the difference, it melted on your tongue and coated your whole pallet. Thus when you drank this meticulously made potion, it made all difference. Indescribable taste.(Indescribable feeling, tell me princess sine when did you last let your heart decide.).

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